Sunday, October 31, 2010

A little something fun for Halloween

I hope everyone's Halloween weekend was great! I just thought in honor of the season of spooks I would write about an interesting article I stumbled across: The Truth About Ghosts!

As you are all aware, ghost sightings have been around for centuries. Every person who has reported a ghost sighting has always claimed to feel a cold chilling feeling and dread and depression, along with the actual spotting of the ghost. But there has never been any hardcore proof or scientific evidence of such a thing being able to happen...until now. Scientists have found that these feelings are actually cause by extremely low frequency sound waves called infrasound that cause one to feel emotions like depression, dread, fear, and others. It is so low in frequency that we can not consciously hear it, but our ears still sense it. Not only is it everywhere in nature (volcanoes, earthquakes, even tigers), but it can be caused by things such as a malfunctioning ventilation shaft, which is one reason why these "haunted" buildings happen in the first place.

But what about the actual sighting of ghosts? Same thing: infrasound. At a specific frequency, it vibrates and resonates perfectly with your eyeball, shaking the eye ever so slightly, giving what is called a smeared look. This causes the vision to respond in weird ways, such as thinking you saw a ghost walk by you and such.


For more in depth detail and proofs through experiments, check out the link below:

Happy Halloween!


  1. This is very interesting and it is nice having a scientific explanation for all these supposed ghost sightings. Seeing as there is a scientific explanation to ghost sightings, I think people should have less fear when they think they see a ghost. I do not believe in ghost or anything of that nature but I do like an explanation in case I ever feel myself pondering what a noise was or what it was that I just saw. It is quite nice what science is able to do now. Being able to show why we think we see ghost is quite phenomenal.

  2. Wow, I never knew anything about tis infrasound stuff, and it's pretty interesting. I used to be really afraid of ghosts or spirits or monsters or whatever you wanna call it, like I'm sure everyone was. As I got older, though, it's worn off. The insight you've given here really cements my belief that ghosts ARE NOT REAL so I whole heartedly thank you for that. One day I hope to capture the power of infrasound and somehow make the world a better place with it. We can all dream.

  3. Yay for Halloween! I wish it was every month haha . These are actually pretty cool facts that I had no idea about. The vibration of the eye ball is something odd, but I can see being true. I don't think ALL the ghostly events can be explained, and I really don't think we are supposed to know. My family have had some really weird experiences with spirits, where theyv'e actually seen their late loved ones. But who knows these days, we could all be just crazy or someting! But this was a pretty eye opening post, but I'm not all convinced yet :)