Monday, October 18, 2010

Carls Jr

I am super thankful that we have a Carls Jr here on campus. The delectable fruits of the fast food world are something that I deeply treasure and I so look forward to those times on Monday and Wednesday where I get to partake in the eating of a burger from that place. I usually eat with my roommate Jake, who is pretty...wait scratch that....extremely cool and we usually will talk about Philosophy, the class we just get out of before eating, or just look around at random people and point out things about them. It's enjoyable.
But Carls Jr. really just makes it a special time. For me, ordering the Western Bacon Cheeseburger is the best choice. It's got that down home cookin' feeling to it that you really can't find at other fast food places, so I love that. However, I'm pretty silly because I don't eat the onion rings on it, even though those are basically what makes it the western bacon cheeseburger. Jake always thinks I'm weird for doing that, I guess he's right. But I don't mind, cause I'm a weird guy. Ohp, going off on a tangent, gotta keep my eyes on the prize. Focus: engage.
Back to Carls Jr.. Their fries are to DIE for. I love how they leave the potato skins on them, really making you feel like you're eating some high class delicacy, even though it's just fast food. They look out for their customers and I like that about them. I feel like the starfish could be the older brother I never had, always looking out for me, and making me smile with the tasty food he produces. Or something like that. Well I feel as if I'm rambling now, so I must bid this blog post ado.
Ado, blog post! Ado! I hope you've enjoyed this insight on the beautiful establishment that is Carls Jr.

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