Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday Ever

Thanksgiving: A time of togetherness. A time for families and friends to get together and enjoy a giant turkey dinner. A time to eat so much that you pass out from being full until your mom wakes you up and says "Let's go shopping." This is, by far, the best holiday of the year. Not only does it date back to the very first colonization of colonial America, but it is the only time you get to gloat about being fat without a guilty conscience. The best food of all for this very special holiday is by far pumpkin pie. Being a gift from the Gods, it is only natural that it be served in the greatest feast of all time.

Not only is it a great day to eat, but it definitely brings families together for the beginning of the holiday season. It really is a relieving feeling to be able to go home for a week to go see my family once again and be reunited with loved ones.

Please leave a post saying what your favorite holiday is and why, I am very much interested to know others' opinions.


  1. i couldn't agree more. I get so excited when november/ december come around and i start seeing supermarkets stock up on stuffing, pie, and eggnog. simply the best. I dont think i could live without these and the smell of your christmas tree.

  2. My favourite holiday is New Year's, though not for any reason you would expect. I love it because it signals the end of the two-month stretch from Halloween that is nothing short of annoying. They don't call me "Scrooge" for nothing, and I am so happy when New Year's rolls around because it means another ten months of relative peace.